Monday, May 28, 2012

Pottery Barn Knock Off

I have been waiting patiently for chairs in my breakfast area.  I need a pair that would not too bulky or too tall.  Last week, I stopped in at the Goodwill and there they were! 

I quickly went over and staked my claim while checking them out.  They were strong and sturdy.  Not too small, not too big.  Wasn't too crazy about the oak since I already have a lot of wood tones in my room anyway but that wasn't a deal breaker!  The seats were indented a little but that's easy to fix as well.  So, in the back of the truck they went.

Once I got them home, I was very happy with the size.  My little breakfast area isn't too big and to be honest it only seems to get used at holidays.  Everyone seemed to pile into that corner.  This past year we extended the banquet under the window so now this area seats quite a few people for the space!

Once my husband got home, he wasn't too enthused about them.  I started doubting myself but there was also this nagging thought in the back of my mind that I had seen a chair similar to this.  While thumbing though my Pottery Barn catalog for the 1000th time, this picture jumped out at me!  Except for the front legs, my chairs look almost just them!  My first thought was "why am I listening to my husband, men don't really know anything about decorating."  I mean, they're in the Pottery Barn catalog for goodness sake!  You can't go wrong with them!  The Pottery Barn chairs are $178, I paid $11.99 each!  I love a good deal!

Now, I needed to paint them!  I wasn't looking forward to sanding them and have seen a lot of great projects using chalk paint.  I read a few blogs, got a few ideas and decided to make my own.  I purchased my Plaster of Paris from Home Depot in the powder form.  I had heard that it will dry up on you and when I saw it in this powder form, I thought it would last longer.  I mixed one cup of blue paint, 2/3 cup Plaster of Paris, and 1/3 cup water.  I mixed it up really good and started painting.  Once the Plaster of Paris and water was mixed in, it seemed to change my blue more to a grayish blue.

This is a chair after I finished painting!

The chalk paint was really easy to work with.  I had read where others had to add more water to get the right consistency but mine seemed to be fine.  It wasn't too thick, it actually brushed on really well with hardly no dripping.

After the chairs dried, I let them set over night.  The next day I started waxing.  Oh, I didn't enjoy this part at all!  I don't know if it was the Minwax paste wax I used or what.  After they were waxed, I started buffing and buffing.  Thankfully, it's finished!  and I am very pleased with the outcome.

So, how did I do?  I started by wanting a little more blue color but the grayish blue works well in this area.  Oh, I also forgot to mention that I attempted to stain the bottoms but it didn't work!  I tested it on the bottom side but it was a no go!  My mom is going to make cushions for the benches so I'm wondering if I should put a cushion on each chair?

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  1. Tammy I love your chairs. They do look a lot like the PB ones, but at a much better price. I really like them without a cushion - love the texture of the seat.

  2. Great job! What a bargain find. I love your corner breakfast area too!

  3. You did an outstanding job! Make the cushions and you have the option of using or not using and changing it up a bit. I like options! We arrived in WI yesterday, but your Goodwill is on my lists of 'day trips' when we get back in the fall! Enjoy the holiday!

  4. Love the chairs and I love the color. They looks amazing. You banquette is fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  5. Great knockoff! Your breakfast area is just perfect, so inviting. No wonder people gather there. I have a painting project coming up and I think I will try your chalk paint. Thanks for the instructions on mixing.

    Robin Flies South

  6. Love your chairs! You really got a wonderful deal! Great job!

  7. I love the chairs. I had to laugh about your husband. I brought a chair home last year and he was appalled. Of course it's done and beautiful now and he agrees, but I now don't ask his opinion about chairs. haha.

    I love the color and how they fit in the space so well. I like the idea of putting pads on them too to match what you do with the bench.

    You really did a beautiful job!

    Visiting from BNOTP and looking forward to following.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. Wow - what a great steal, Tammy! Can't believe how much they look like the PB ones!!! Your paint technique is just spot on, too! I think they would look so pretty (and maybe be more comfortable?) with a thick white cushion on them. :) GREAT job!

    xoxo laurie

  9. Wow, I'm impressed! You did a great job. Thanks for the info on making your own chalk paint. I want to try it!!

  10. I love the chairs and your makeover is great. They look perfect in that spot.

  11. you did a Fabulous job and they look fantastic.

  12. Great job on the chairs! I think adding cushions would be nice. You can always go without but at least you can bring in more color or pattern to the area if necessary.

  13. Tammy: Those chairs are great and what a deal you got and they look just like Pottery Barn. The color came out so good and I think they look great without a cushion, but would look great with one too. It is a really pretty corner..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  14. Love the chairs, what a great find!! The price makes them even better!!! The color you chose is pretty too!! Your breakfast room looks great!!!

  15. What a find! They look great! Husbands don't know! Michele

  16. They are perfect, I like your better then PB :) Thanks for linking up.

  17. The chairs look beautiful! The whole space is perfect! I love the pillows :)

  18. You got a great deal and they truly do look like the Pottery Barn version. I too bought some plaster of paris in hopes of making my own chalk pain. I've heard lots of stories about drips and blobs of plaster, so I'm glad to hear yours turned out okay. Makes me feel more at ease to try mine now.

    I've enjoyed this post, so I'll be adding it to twitter in a few minutes. Thanks so much for linking up to Your Cozy Home Party!

  19. Beautifully done! I am saving your recipe for chalk paint! I love the natural feel of the seats as they are but then I picture someone sitting on one wearing shorts and I then I think I would want a pad on it. I'd have the pads made and then you have them to try out. If they don't work for you, store them for when little guests are visiting for nap pillows? Thanks so much for sharing this at the party this week ♥

  20. What a great find and an incredible transformation. Well done you! Thanks for sharing, liz

  21. Wow good work on making your own chalk paint. I haven't tried it yet. You did a great job on the chairs. I love how they turned out!

  22. I like the greyish blue color. Nice job.

  23. Those turned out EXACTLY like PB! Great eye!!

  24. Wow, that is amazing!!! Very creative. I hope you'll visit me at My Dream Canvas!

  25. Very pretty, Tammy! I think they were well worth what you spent for this outcome. Love the color, too!

  26. How did you do? Are you KIDDING me? You did fantastic! I love this copycat, and you saved so much money!!! You did an amazing job. Got to love this project!

    Linking from Debbiedoo's,
    Ricki Jill

  27. Hello Tammy,
    This revamping turn-out so well.

    You over-ruled PB in this case. Job well done.

    Happy day to you.

  28. Hi Tammy what a fantastic makeover. They look awesome. Thanks for sharing with both my parties!

  29. Hi Tammy, came over from copy cat party.
    Your chairs look amazing and what a steal.

  30. Great job and what a lucky find. they turned out fabulous!! came over from the copy cat challenge!

  31. The chairs look great, & you may have inspired me to paint my oak kitchen set. I have that chalk paint recipe written down but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Your blog looks like a fun place to spend some time, so now I'm a new follower!

  32. Pshhhhhh - your creative eye spot some good chairs - you made them perfect for your breakfast area - and buffing the wax is very good exercise! I am sure your husband couldn't help but be impressed! I am so glad you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  33. HoLy CoW....these are amazing and if you'd not told us where you got them, I would have guessed PB. They look just like them.
    And, as you said, it can't be wrong if it's in PB and THEY have cushions in their chairs so I say YES to cushions. :))
    You did a great job.

  34. Oh, these chairs are perfect for your little nook! Nice paint job. I think a cushion would be nice, or you could just do a little tie on slip that kind of lets the wicker show through. I have used the Minwax a lot and actually love the finish you get after buffing. You do have to work hard! I have used all kinds of waxes - the expensive and the cheap (Minwax) and I think they all have their positive points. If it is the buffing you don't like, you won't like any of them!

  35. Hi Tammy!

    I have this style chair in my dining room and they are usually called Napoleon chairs. You got a great deal!
    I bet your husband likes them now that they are painted. I love your banquette and think that matching cushions all around would look fabulous!

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  36. These turned out fabulous! Love the color! I just painted mine like this too. Great job. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  37. so glad to find your blog and the chalk paint recipe. Your chairs are gorgeous, love the subtle color. They'll go anywhere and congrats on finding the PB look alikes. What a score. My hubbs can't seem to see what I do with my bargains but when I'm done he's not so doubting. I like it and have learned not to let him discourage me. He has very different tastes from mine.
    Keep reading about the awesome finds people get at their goodwill. Guess I just don't get there soon enough. The prices at ours in Grand Junction, CO have retail prices. We have a thrift store in a small town close to us so I find more things there that are more affordable. I'm a new subscriber.


Thank you so much for all your lovely comments! I try to return the favor and visit each one of you! ~Blessings, Tammy~