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Patriotic Vintage Rides

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I didn't put up any decorations for Memorial Day.  My living room and office is a mess because I'm in the middle of trying to redo my office into more of a craft room so I can "try" to confine all my stuff in there.  In other words, I just haven't had time!  Now that Memorial Day is upon us, I have to get on the ball. Our big entertaining event for the summer is 4th of July.  We host an annual bbq with swimming and fireworks at dusk.  I've been cruising Pinterest for ideas and wanted to share a few that included vintage vehicles.  My family has always been into vintage cars.  My dad has been a lifelong mechanic and has restored quite a few himself.

This is his last project, a 1937 Pontiac.  I sold it for him last year via Craigslist.  It's new home is in Norway!

Hunter is also collector of vehicles.  Due to its unique paint job, I think that it is only fair that I share a pic of  "The Beast."  It would be perfect for a patriotic parade, wouldn't it?

This picture is from Pinterest but was originally from This Old Farmhouse.   I'll think I will decorate Hunter's 1976 Ford truck like this even though his does not have quite as much vintage charm as this one.

Here's another cool red, white, and blue collage of vintage vehicles I found via Pinterest.  I could not find the original source for this one.

Herbie sports those patriotic colors as well!  This was taken in one of our trips to Walt Disney World.

This vintage sign is also from Walt Disney World.  It brings back memories of when I was small.  My dad worked at a Chevrolet dealership and would let me go to work with him.  I would spend the day in the parts department setting up on of those tall stools (well they seemed tall to a little girl)  The owner would also give me some small replicates made by Chevrolet of the new cars.  I wonder if they still make those? Oh, the memories! 

I hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe Memorial Day!

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  1. Great photos today! I think Hunter should throw a few bales of hay in the back of the Beast and take the kiddies around for rides at your July 4th party!

  2. Oh, the Beast is beautiful! I can definitely see it being shown off in a parade!

  3. Great cars and photos, the Beast sure does need to be in a parade. Boys and men would love it and some girls.

  4. Always nice to get and new follower and return the favor. I appreciate your lovely comment too. Hope I added some sunshine to your day too. I'll be back...

  5. what fun!! My sister also hosts a 4th of July bash.....always fun and always something we look forward too.... great ideas here!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.


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