Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Seashell Chargers were Featured!

The lovely Shannon at Cozy Home Scenes featured my seashell chargers as one of her Saturday Picks from this past weeks "Your Cozy Home Party." 

As I shared in my original post, I had seen an ad in a magazine for the chargers several years ago but could not find it.  After looking through every magazine I had, I still couldn't find it.  Last night I was browsing one of my favorite books and came across the chargers.  I even had the page marked!  So it wasn't an ad after all!  It was from this lovely page...
"Tablescapes-Setting the Table with Style" by Kimberly Schlegel Whitman.  The chargers she used in her tablescape were rattan with a border of seashells from Amen Wardy in Aspen.  This is such a wonderful book with so many inspirational pictures!

I want to thank Shannon once again for featuring and recommend that everyone check out all the great links from the party.
Please join her every Tuesday and link up everything including:

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The party will start at 8pm EST Monday night.
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  1. Hi Tammy....I'm always thrilled to feature talented bloggers, and you are one of them! Thank you very, very much for this wonderful shout out about my party! You made my day! Can't wait to see what new things you'll be sharing this week. Have a great night.

  2. Great project! I think Pottery Barn now sells shell chargers!!


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