Friday, August 31, 2012

Things I Make

Today I’m going Kelly’s Korner  for this week’s Show Us Your Life.  The theme for today is things we make or sell. Since I don’t sell anything, I thought I would share a few things that I’ve made.  I only make things that I love and want to display and/or use in our home.  This Ballard Designs inspired seagrass lampshade is a perfect example!  In this picture, it was in the foyer but I made it specifically for the office which isn't quite finished yet.  To see how I made this shade from a placemat, click here.  
One of my favorite things are the seashell chargers I made. You can see how I made them here.  This is a tablescape that I used them in.
Here are my square rope chargers.  They were super easy to make.
My Pottery Barn inspired dispenser tags that I have used quite a few times over the summer.  You can see them in the picture below on the glass canisters.
Here’s a really easy project….do you see a theme here?….easy!  The EAT artwork!  It’s a little different from my normal d├ęcor but I like it!
My coastal art is another favorite…
This is a piece of art that I made for my china closet using Civil War utensils.  To see more, click here.
This is my most recent project that I’ve posted, a dry erase calendar for my office.  This is the first piece of a memo wall that I’m working on.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Issac

We are getting ready for Hurricane Issac.  It is headed our way and is expected to pass just to the left of us which means we will get a lot of the bad winds (the east side is worse).  Hopefully, before it reaches us it will be downgraded back to a tropical storm.  We live about 230 miles northwest of New Orleans so it will travel across land before reaching us which helps to break up the storm a bit.  So, I decided to throw a quick tablescape together in the living room on the coffee table.
If we lose power, which I’m sure we will, we basically live in the living room until it is restored.  We do have a generators which keep our freezer and refrigerator going.  We also put sheets up on each doorway and put a window unit in the living room so we can try to stay cool.
We even put air mattresses in here to sleep on. 
During Hurricane Katrina we were out of power for two weeks!  After a few days, we moved our travel trailer to my mom’s and stayed there until it was restored.  She lives a town over from us but her power comes back on quickly because she lives close to a prison so power is more of a priority.  At this time, we didn’t have a generator and lost all of our food in the freezer and refrigerator.  Other than that, we didn’t have any damage because it moved north to the east of us.
A few years later, Hurricane Gustaf came though.  We were more prepared this time!  We had already purchased generators so our frozen food was safe.  After the storm passed, we hooked the generator up to our travel trailer and stayed in it until the power came back on.  We did have damage during this storm which passed directly over us but thankfully it was only downed trees, 13 I think.
Thankfully, we have a gas stove so we are able to still cook.
I’m posting my tablescape a little early because I don’t know when we’ll lose internet service.  I don’t even know if I be able to link up to any parties.  So, please say a prayer not just for us but for the people on the coast, they’ll be hit with the worst of it.
issac tablescape
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Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY Dry Erase Calendar

This week I’ve been working on an organizational wall for my office.  There are just so many great ideas out there in blogland that it was hard for me to decide what to do!  I knew I wanted a calendar to glance at but not necessarily to wrote notes on.  I saw this one on Pinterest from Lindy at Cottage Hill.
This was perfect for what I was looking for and I had everything on hand.
I used a frame that was more square in shape. After removing the picture. I cut a piece of burlap to fit.  I also cut out a piece of paper to fit to practice on.  I wanted it to look neat and evenly spaced.
After getting the spacing right, I applied to grid to the burlap using a fine point Sharpie pen.  For the little corner, I chose a piece of clip art.  I did not transfer it, I just printed out a copy and positioned it in the upper left hand corner.
This beautiful fleur-de-lis from The Graphic Fairy was perfect.
I’m sorry about the glare!  I love how it turned out! This is not the original frame.  Hunter was making me one for another project and I got him to just make one for this so they will match since they will be on the same wall.  He did an excellent job!  I can’t wait to show you the other one he made for me!  I was so excited when he brought it in!  It turned out even better than I expected!  To see my inspiration for the office makeover, check out my Pinterest page.
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Old Bottles and Jugs


Lately I’ve been browsing the Pottery Barn Fall catalog for some ideas.  One that caught my mind was the arrangement of bottles. 


Hunter had one in his bedroom holding his loose change which I was able to get him to “loan” me for the Fall!  He had one smaller clear jug in the barn that I also confiscated!


Then we took a trip up front to the old barn.  There I found a whole collection of old bottles and jugs.  I don’t know what they were originally used for.  This used to be a diary farm so I don’t know if he had something to do with that. 

I love the idea of making candleholders from them!  This picture is from The World by Us.

Look how Apartment Therapy used them to display vintage pictures! Way cool!

Now, I’m trying to get them all clean. This is no easy feat considering some of them had motor oil in them!  Once they are clean, I’ll show you what I do with them!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Laundry Closet


Today I’m joining Kelly’s Korner for Show Us Your Life.  This week the party is featuring laundry rooms or in my case, laundry closet!  Now be warned, it’s not much!  It’s looked this this for about 5 years now.
Yes, it’s time for an update…especially after seeing all the inspiring photos out there.  The laundry closet is in the upstairs hallway. You ready?
Yes, I did remove some things off the shelves before I took pictures! I just couldn’t let you see all that stuff!  When we first built the house, I knew I wanted a place to hang clothes.  I hang some to dry and the clothes that need ironing hang here until it’s done then put in the appropriate closets.  In order to have room for the clothes we had to go with a smaller shelf.  I believe these are 6 or 8 inches wide.  I would have loved to have cabinets here but it was more important to me that we have the closet rod.
I just made the homemade laundry detergent yesterday.  After I try it for awhile, I’ll let you know how it works.  I had previously used the recipe where you melt the soap but to be honest it didn’t impress me too much so I tried this one.  After I finish the office, the laundry closet in my next stop!  I’m slowly getting rid of the red accents.  I think this is the last area that I have it!
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Coffee Station

It’s not exactly a tablescape… about a counterscape!  This past weekend, I found the big jar at a yard sale but it was a little too small for flour so I decided to set up a little coffee station! 
It’s the perfect size for our Community Dark Roast coffee!  I pulled out a silver-plated tray that was from the second hand store to put everything on.
For now I’m using the sugar bowl that goes to my tea set but I know Hunter has one somewhere I can use!  The little jar is the perfect place for the sweetener!
I love my little cow creamer! 
So this is my tip of the week, it can be functional and decorative at the same time!  I know a lot of us already do this in places like the laundry room or pantry but even those smaller areas like coffee stations can be pretty to look at!
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Home Office and Craft Space–Part 1

I’ve changed up my office again!!  As you may remember, I showed you a little peek last week while sharing some office inspiration with you.
This is before I started painting but AFTER I started moving stuff around. Yes, it is a total mess but I forgot to take before before pictures…you know what I mean.  When I took this picture I had already removed the desk!
This room is off the living room though a set of french doors.  It was originally part of the porch but when we started homeschooling years ago we closed in this section for the school room.  I wanted a new look in here and painted the built in shelf and dresser/credenza white.  I collected all my baskets and painted them the same color as you can see in the previous picture.  Then my husband brought home some salvaged cabinets.  Once again, I didn’t take a picture!!!  This happened very quickly.  Anyway, here’s a similar one that we have left.
They are nice custom built cabinets with a glazed finish and this is the other cabinet after I painted it.
It was a custom built entertainment center with bifold cabinet doors in the middle section.  We left off the bifold doors because I liked the more open look plus I did not like them at all!  As I said, this transition happened very quickly.  Last Monday, my husband didn’t work and he tore out the built in shelf and moved the dresser/credenza and installed this.  While he was doing this, I was at the hospital with my mom.  Everyday after this, I painted some and then went to the hospital!  Finally I finished! and my mom came home!  Feeling better but definitely bruised up!  While in the emergency room, she passed out and fell face first on the floor!  It was a very hard fall but thankfully, as of now, there appears to be no lasting effects except for the black and blue bruises but it did cause her to have to be admitted for several days.
Hunter, Savannah and I started an assembly line and cleaned up the locker baskets that I told you about last week.  Hunter used an electric grinder to remove the rust on the outside, Savannah used a wire brush to clean the inside, and I used vinegar and water to clean them.  The lovely Dianna left me a comment saying they reminded her of the baskets at the public pool when she was young.  She said you put your clothes in the basket and attached the pin to your swimsuit!
I love my new knobs!  I found them at Hobby Lobby.  They remind me of some that Ballard Designs on their site.
I got this pretty painting from the auction a couple of weeks ago for $3!
The letter tray was 50 cents from a garage sale.  The finish was a little worn so I spray painted it.  I need to get on the ball and do some paperwork!
I’m not satisfied with this area!  I think I put every picture in this house here but nothing looked right so I leaned a couple frames here.  The baskets on the shelf were more garage sale finds.
I stored some linens in a few baskets and old green jars in others.  In the baskets were there was just miscellaneous items, I covered a book in brown paper and inserted in the front of the basket to help camouflage the items.
I put my copper pot up top storing some silk flowers and I have a bolt of burlap from another yard sale, $2!, on top!
There is so much more storage here and looks a lot better too!  I still have a lot to do before I’m finished.  My husband is going to build me a desk so I’ll be bugging him about that this week!  I also have to paint the room, change the light fixture and refinish a balustrade table that is on the opposite side of the room.  But this week, I plan on working on a wall collage that will include a memo board.

UPDATE:  I've completed one memo board that you can see here and also Part 2 of the office is here.

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Copper Boiling Pots

Last week at Goodwill, I found a copper boiling pot, for $10!!  I already had this one that my mom gave me.  She got it at an auction years ago.  This is usually where I have it, on top of the television armoire.  This picture shows how I used it to decorate for Fall last year.  It also has a metal lid that is turned sideways, behind the flowers.
This is the one I picked up last week.  It is a little smaller and has metal handles were the other one has wooden handles. For now, it’s in the office on top of the large cabinet we just installed, storing some silk flowers. (I’ll show you that tomorrow!)  But come winter, I plan on putting it on the hearth and storing firewood in it.
While browsing around, I found this birdhouse made out of a boiler pot!  This is from Connie W at Hometalk.
This container garden is from deGeer Box.
And this is my favorite!!! IF I were going to alter my pot for any reason this would be it!!  This pic is from The Inspired Room.
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