Sunday, August 12, 2012

Metal Locker Bins


Last Friday, while at the auction, I found a small pile of metal baskets.  I was able to get them for $4!  There were several different ones including one from a gym locker.  One has a handle and was long and narrow.
The other one is, I think, a freezer basket but I love the blue patina on it so it’s a keeper.
Now back to my favorite, the locker bin!  I was telling Hunter how much I loved the look of it in my office, he told me our neighbor across the street has a whole stack of them in his barn!  Gasp!!  I immediately has visions of lining my shelves with them like in this picture from Country Living.
Hunter was actually working on our neighbor’s tractor so was able to do a little bartering and brought me home a sweet surprise!
Oh yeah! Mama was happy!  I have such a sweet boy!  Ooops, young man!
Our neighbor said they came from an old bowling alley.
They are longer than my other little bin so they won’t quite work the way I imagined but they will go in my office.  Now I have to get busy and try to clean them up!  That’s what the wire brush is for!  Oh, let me show you one of Hunter’s finds he got from the auction.
A cute little record player!  The needle arm part is broke but if there’s a way to fix it, he will!

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  1. Awesome score on those baskets! I can't wait to see how you use them!


  2. Tammy, wow! I can't wait to see how you use them and where. BTW, my husband and I were both amazed at your great pool, and the story behind it. We've had 2 liners put in over the years and it's not as easy as you made it sound. Y'all are just experts! Thanks for sharing your projects. Helen

  3. So very cool! They have such great number plates and those cool pins attached. Good for Hunter looking out for you! I hope he gets the record player fixed. I've never seen one like that. Very special!

    1. Tammy, I hope you do get to the longest yard sale one year. It really is so much fun. Forgot to tell you that I recently got a bunch of white metal (rusty too) baskets at a yard sale (not as cool as yours with the tags and all but fun in their own right) and I have been sort of trying to figure out how to use them. I was glad to see the shots you found for inspiration. They give me ideas!

  4. Those baskets are a big find! I have 4 that I bought about 10 years ago for $6 each. I can't believe it, lately I've been seeing them from $30-40 each!!!

    Like others have said, I'm excited to see how they clean up and what you do with them. I have loved mine and move them contantly.


  5. Wow! Nice score at the auction and by Hunter! I love the baskets and the record player.

    Have a great week.

  6. I love your pretty baskets. The record player is so cool!


  7. Wonderful baskets!! You really scored BIG. What fun you're going to have with them.
    Mary Alice

  8. Wow, wonderful finds. Love them. Can't wait to see how it all comes together. Thanks for sharing, liz

  9. Love your metal baskets. Amazing deal at $4. I have been on the lookout for a few, for quite some time. No such luck yet.

  10. Hunter sure has a keen eye. I love those locker baskets, rust and all.

  11. four little bucks?


    you lucky girl
    for finding those

    can't wait to see
    what you do with them!


  12. I those baskets!
    New follower,Francine

  13. Love your wire baskets!! and the little record player is adorable, it will make a great shelf sitter! I'm now a follower! Have a great day!

  14. Wow! The metal bins are fantastic and I bet you put them to great use. Please share photos when you do. Also, that little record player is really cute!

  15. I love locker baskets. The first deal of baskets for $4 was great, but the find at the neighbors was awesome! They had their tags and pins - so rare! I once bought 125 baskets for a quarter each. The trick was they were stuck together. I got them apart and sold them for $8 each - going rate at that time. Wish I had them back now - they have soared in price!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  16. OH MY GOODNESS!!! you are soooooo lucky!

  17. I'm absolutely loving these! What an amazing find... totally wishing I had some of these in my home. I would love to see you come by sometime, xoxo

  18. Oh I want these - I need a couple for my kitchen!!!
    I wanted to thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog - but you're a no-reply blogger Tammy - not sure if that's intentional but thought I would let you know

  19. Oh and forgot to thank you for following :)
    I'm already following you on google

  20. Thank you for all the kind comments! In the last couple of days, I've scraped all the progress that I've done in my office. We rec'd a huge salvaged cabinet that I'm putting in there! Now my baskets will fit!!!

  21. Those are very cool baskets! What a dealio too! Thanks for sharing with the party.

  22. I would have passed out if someone brought me a big pile of locker baskets like! I love them too and find them so useful as well as fun to look at.


  23. Love these baskets!!! would love it if you would share it at Share It One More Time
    new Follower

  24. Oh, what a find! I love the wire baskets~ a great look! (even if they do remind me of my junior high phys ed days! ;))

    Thank you for the affirming comment you left on my burlap chandelier! :)

    All the best!

  25. Ok --- I am officially green LOL You definitely made out like a bandit - good for you Tammy :~) You sound like me... I was super excited when hubby brought home pallets ... who needs flowers & chocolates?!

  26. What a steal!!!! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

    - The Tablescaper

  27. What a wonderful find!!!!
    I love those old metal bins. Lucky girl!!
    I just got back from the thrift store. I didn't find any metal bins but I did find 6 very old office storage boxes. They are made of sturdy paper board and in near perfect condition. They still have the metal plates on the front to insert a label and I love how the paper has started to yellow with age. I also found an old birdhouse! It's big, made of solid wood and still very sturdy. It is weathered but retains a lot of original chippy paint. I just love it.
    And.... a very old copy of the book "Withering Heights". The book cover and some of the illustrations are in the shabby chic pallet (pinks, greens and blues). Those are just a few of my goodies.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds with us!
    Will visit again soon.

  28. Hi ! What a flash back for me! Those baskets were given at our public pool to store our clothes while we used the pool. The pin, attached to our love your post and blog! I.m your newest follower on network blogs and google connect! Dianna (sunny109)

  29. Great find ... I love any kind of wire basket. They are so great for storage and look so nice. Will be happy to see how you put them to uses.
    New follower.
    Audrey Z.

  30. Jealous of your baskets!:) Wow, they're gorgeous! They cleaned up beautifully; great score! (found you via Hometalk)


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