Friday, August 10, 2012

Decorating Tables



Today I’m joining Kelly’s Korner for the Show Us Your Life Party!  This week is how you decorate your tables, as in your dining room, end tables and coffee tables.  I’m also adding in my breakfast table!  Mainly because I want to show off my beautiful hobnail pitcher I FINALLY bought from Hobby Lobby! 


You know what they say, “Third time’s a charm!”  Well, the first time I saw I got up to the register but it wasn’t on sale so I put it back!  The second time was on our way back from the coast.  We stopped at another HL and it was on sale!  Yeah!  but they only had one and it wobbled!!! Well, this past week I went to Baton Rouge with my husband and we stopped in at a different HL.  (The other one was out of this color)  There it was! It didn’t wobble BUT it wasn’t on sale!  I left it and went and got in line and a sweet lady in front of me had an extra coupon and gave it to me!!  I thanked her profusely and went back and got my pitcher!! 


I love the aqua color with the orange flowers!


On to the dining room!


A silvery blue runner is topped with a collection of crystal candleholders and a bowl of sparkly fruit!


Now to the living room.  This is where I need your help!!


On one end of the sofa is an antique sewing table that my mom gave me.  I love the rattan finish!  It’s not quite the right size to sit drinks on so I used a leopard print footstool with books stacked on it.  Perfect size!


On the other end is another little rattan table.


This table is in the other corner beside the loveseat.


And here’s my problem!  I almost didn’t show it to you!  It’s scuffed up because everybody puts their feet on.  I have been planning all summer to paint it or make it into a footstool but I can’t make my mind up!  If I do paint it, what color?


My sofa and loveseat are both dark brown leather.  Not my first choice from a decorating standpoint but with kids and living in the country, it’s a breeze to keep clean!  I’m getting tired of so much dark tones in my living room but I don’t want to go all light either!  I change out a lot of stuff in the fall and winter and love the warmer look but on the other hand I like the lighter colors in the spring and summer!  So, what do you think?  Should I paint the table or recover it with padded fabric, making it into a footstool?  I have even considered painting the walls, too!  Don’t be shy now, tell me your opinion! (In a nice kind of way! LOL!)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. How about keep the same tone (mid not light but not dark) but go for a different color....say a green color. Mid tone green, similar to an olive green but maybe a shade or two lighter??? This would go with your wite and light accessories in the spring, would definately pair nicely with organges, burgandys, and browns for fall and holiday, and it would also work well for the holiday time too. If you dont want to go light then maybe opt for another mid tone like the same level of color you have now but instead of taupe go for green. Just a suggestion. I like your neutral walls but I also love green and we have a mid tone green in our bedroom and love it! :)

  2. What a glorious blue pitcher, and what a great story of how it came to be yours--you were very persistent--good! I also love the crystal candlesticks on the dining table--very elegant and pretty. Thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving such kind words--I appreciate it!

  3. I'm stopping by for a visit from Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life.
    I keep hearing about Hobby Lobby and still I haven't been there yet. Silly me!
    You have a beautiful home. I especially love the colors and details you're using.
    Have a terrific week.

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