Friday, August 24, 2012

Laundry Closet


Today I’m joining Kelly’s Korner for Show Us Your Life.  This week the party is featuring laundry rooms or in my case, laundry closet!  Now be warned, it’s not much!  It’s looked this this for about 5 years now.
Yes, it’s time for an update…especially after seeing all the inspiring photos out there.  The laundry closet is in the upstairs hallway. You ready?
Yes, I did remove some things off the shelves before I took pictures! I just couldn’t let you see all that stuff!  When we first built the house, I knew I wanted a place to hang clothes.  I hang some to dry and the clothes that need ironing hang here until it’s done then put in the appropriate closets.  In order to have room for the clothes we had to go with a smaller shelf.  I believe these are 6 or 8 inches wide.  I would have loved to have cabinets here but it was more important to me that we have the closet rod.
I just made the homemade laundry detergent yesterday.  After I try it for awhile, I’ll let you know how it works.  I had previously used the recipe where you melt the soap but to be honest it didn’t impress me too much so I tried this one.  After I finish the office, the laundry closet in my next stop!  I’m slowly getting rid of the red accents.  I think this is the last area that I have it!
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  1. It may be a laundry closet but don't you love having it upstairs? You have really made good use of the space, and it looks great too!


  2. How good it would be to have it upstairs. So much easier to put clothes away. It looks very efficient even if it is a closet. I quite like the red accents against the white. :)

  3. Well, I don't have to worry, I live in a ONE floor pent house stairs, lol.. I think you did a great job and it's so cute your laundry space and that you close it and it's gone! Enjoy the weekend. Just dropped from Kelly's Korner too.

  4. Cute little beagle, reminds me of The Brat-miss her! Your laundry area is nice, mine is in a closet area too, love that you have a light:@)

  5. I'm visiting from Kelly's Korner today.
    I love your laundry space. It must be so convenient to have it upstairs.
    I haven't lived in a 2 story since my marriage. I love that our laundry room is next to the kitchen.


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