Friday, August 3, 2012

Window Coverings



Today is all about curtains over at Kelly’s Korner Blog!  I wanted to share some of my window coverings with the Show Us Your Life party that is starting today.  I’ll tell you right off the bat, the majority of my curtains come from JCPenney! 

The toppers in the kitchen were from there this past winter.  I had been searching for some black floral fabric to make some but couldn’t find what I wanted.  Last Christmas, while standing in line buying my mother curtains for a gift, I saw these,  I LOVED the black floral and leopard print mixture.


I even order a large panel the make the cushions in the breakfast area.  No, I haven’t done it yet!!  The bamboo blinds were from Home Depot.


On the the dining room….the cream taffeta panels are from the JCP American Living collection.  The curtain rods in here are actually long dowel rods purchased from Home Depot with finials and rings that were purchased from Hobby Lobby.  All were unfinished and I just sprayed painted them to match. 


The damask balloon shade is from the Chris Madden collection.  I love the fringe!  I was expecting the damask to be a little raised but it’s more like a silk screen effect.  Does that make sense?  I decided to keep them because I love how they looked with the taffeta curtains.


I would love, love, love to have silk curtains but I cannot afford them. So the next best thing for me, is the Chris Madden Mystique curtains.  They are a lined faux silk. The color in my living room is Seafoam even though it’s more blue than green. They are on simple rods with no valance. They get closed during the night so everybody that might be passing by doesn’t get to see everything going on in the house!


Here’s a little closer look.  It’s overcast today so it was hard to get good pictures.  That’s Hunter and Savannah about ten years ago when they were in my brother’s wedding!


Same curtains in the master bedroom but in an ivory color with a valance.


Beautiful trim on this one as well!


The master bath has a wood shutter over the lower half for privacy.  I purchased a long, long cream wrinkled scarf at Burlington Coat Factory and draped it around the window, allowing in to pool on the tub surround.  I then took a gold sheer curtain that I already had and removed the hems.  I hand stitched some black eyelash trim on the ends and draped in over the cream.


A closet look at the eyelash trim.


The brackets were also purchased from JCP for on the clearance table for about a dollar apiece!  and the color was perfect!

I couldn’t share the curtains in the kid’s rooms because it looks like a tornado hit both!  Savannah does have the same faux silk curtains in a dark brown.  Hunter’s are from Pottery Barn in a green and blue plaid.  Oh well, maybe one day!

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  1. I love the valances in your kitchen/breakfast nook area!!!

  2. JCP is a great place to get inexpensive curtains! I'm eying some Cindy Crawford linen panels for our living room at the moment, but they're still a bit out of my price range so I'm waiting patiently for a mark-down!

  3. I've gotten quite a few window treatments over the years from JCP - yours are lovely! Jane

  4. Who knew JCP had so many drapes!?

    amy from houston, over from kelly's korner

  5. Oh, I love the mix of florals and animal prints! Very very pretty!I am looking for new curtains for my living room and dining room. I need to check out JCP!

  6. The floral and leopard drapes over the wooden blinds just got me! It looks so natural, not the fact that it’s eco-friendly. It’s a great support to the blinds in limiting the light, since it is a more ‘solid’ treatment. Very useful and pleasing to look at. Great! :D

  7. I have been searching high and low for those black floral/leopard window valances! I don't see them on JCP website. Do you have any more info on them? thanks :)


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