Sunday, September 9, 2012

Printer Trays

Recently I have went to the local antique store twice looking at a printer tray.  I really wanted one for my office but I’m cheap and was trying to figure out the most expensive option!  The first time I went, Hunter was with me.  He told me that my fil had one stored in his attic but then he went out of town!  How dare he go on vacation in my time of need?  Just kidding!  The second time I went my husband was with me and said, “Don’t buy that I can make it!”  Well, I already knew he could make it but WOULD he make it?  Anyway, I left the store and starting thinking of other options because I really didn’t expect my husband to make it anytime soon.
On Wednesday, for the first time ever, I purposely left my home to go check the trash!  As in other people’s trash!  In the past, if I saw something in the trash I wanted I have stopped and picked it up, especially if I have a kid in the car that I can make get out and grab it quick!  Hunter and I went to an upscale neighborhood that my husband works in a lot.  That’s how we know their trash cycle!  And can you believe that I found an old printer’s tray just laying on top of the garbage can?  I was so thrilled you would have thought that I had won the lottery!
I immediately came home and cleaned it up, attached some hanger bracket thingies on the back and hung it on the wall!  While wiping it down some of the varnish starting flaking away but that’s alright, it just gives it more character!  I started adding some little odds and ends to the cubby holes.  In addition to vintage items, I wanted to add things that actually meant something to my family.  On this side, there’s a picture of my parents and me when I was a baby.  Since we live in Louisiana, I had to put a crawfish and some shells on display!  The matches were from a MRE that was given out after Hurricane Katrina.  The shot gun shells are for the hunters in the family, my husband and daughter!
I can’t forget Mardi Gras!  Hunter loaned me a few of his things…a compass, electrical socket for the 1920’s and a Barq’s root beer emblem for a pencil.
The skeleton key is not old but it reminds me of our home!  All of our interior doors have this type of lock.  There’s a Dixie beer bottle opener, a broken locker pin and another shotgun shell.
Three days later, Hunter and I were out looking for thrifty deals and made a quick stop at a yard sale on the way home.  I found another printer’s tray!
Guess how much I paid for it?  NOTHING!  The back was a little damaged and the lady said “Oh you can have it!”  Can you believe it? Not one, but two, printer trays in one week and both were free!!!  This one is not as old as the first and it’s a little deeper.  I think I’ve got Hunter talked into letting me put it in his room.  I’ve already found a few of his little things that will fit in it!  A government issued first aide kit, an old jar of Vaseline and an old box of wallpaper remover stuff.
I found another oldie but goodie in the trash at the same house but I’ll show you that later!  Check back in the next couple of days to see my memo wall that I’ve been working on.
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  1. Love it! I have one of these filled with tiny treasures, too! :)

  2. You are a mighty hunter. i cannot imagine finding two of these beauties. I have a collection of them. They make neat gifts with personal items in them.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  3. What a great find! One man's trash is another man's treasure.

  4. Nice finds! It's funny that once you find one, another seems to always follow. What fun to decorate with them.


  5. Wow, that's amazing that you found two at almost the same time, and free to boot! Congrats on great finds.

  6. Love it! I still have MREs from Gustav!

  7. Have been looking for one of these trays! Couldn't help but chuckle when I read that your husband said he could build one because that sounds like my husband, I already know that he can do amazing things, the question is always will he? Oh well, just glad that he has that ability, even if I have trouble getting him to follow through!!!!

  8. I have one under my bed that will be going in a garage sale before long.

  9. I love them too! I just bought a couple, I need to fill them with tiny treasures!

  10. Two freebies - you are on a roll! I bought one probably twenty years ago (or more) and it is sitting on the floor of my husband's office right now. I took it down to dust it one day and have not put it back up yet (that was at least a year ago).

  11. I've been wanting one too and came across one at a yard sale this weekend for $1. I'm a happy camper! Gotta love yard sales and curbside finds! :)


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