Friday, September 14, 2012

My Favorite Beauty Products

Today I’m joining Kelly for her Show Us Your Life party featuring our favorite beauty products.  I am going to share a few that I absolutely have no qualms recommending!  They are the products that I buy repeatedly!
First up is the Seche Vite dry fast top coat.  I’m impatient when it comes to letting my nails dry before moving around!  I was always smudging them!  Then I discovered this!  After applying a coat, your nails will be completely dry in seconds or at least it seems like to me!  I’ve never actually timed it!  The above pic is from but I usually get mine at Sally’s.
My all time favorite nail polish is Cajun Shrimp by OPI.  It is an orange-based coral red that looks great with a tan!  To me the picture does not show the true color. This is my go to color for those summer toes!
And to keep my feet soft and pretty, I use a pumice scouring stick to scrub away dry skin.  I have tried pumice sticks that you get in the cosmetics section but I have found that the heavy duty works better.  I purchase mine from the cleaning section at Home Depot.
After I use the pumice and finished my bath/shower, I rub Vaseline on my feet.  Since Vaseline is quite greasy, I put on cotton socks and sleep in them.  I do this more in the winter months because it gets a little too hot here for me to sleep in socks.  By using the pumice and Vaseline, the heels of my feet stay pretty soft considering that I wear sandals or flip flops must of the time.
Vaseline is so versatile!  Besides a foot treatment, it can be also be used on lips and as eye makeup remover!
Another product that I repeatedly purchase is the Pantene Med-Thick products.  My hair is thick and a little coarse but these products really help in smoothing out my hair.  I have tried the the off brand that is comparable to this but it does not work as good.
As you start to show signs of aging, you have to look into different types of makeup.  You know, the kind that’s easy on the wrinkles!  Laura Mercier  translucent loose setting powder gives my makeup a smooth, silky look, without sinking into any wrinkles!  It is white but you only use a little bit!  I dip my brush in and tap it to shake off the excess.  It glides on smoothly.  I purchase mine from Sephora.
Since cosmetics can be so expensive, I try to do a little research before I buy them.  I do use some drug store products but I also use some more higher priced products.  I also don’t want to waste my money on something that doesn’t work!  There is a site that I found quite a few years ago where the members rate the products that they use. It's called MakeUp Alley.
It definitely has helped me!  Another thing to do is get samples before making purchases.  I will also make up my face using two different samples.  For example, if I was trying two different eye creams, I would make one eye up using one and then the other eye using the other.  This way I could compare the eye to see which one works better on wrinkles or whatever it professes to do.  I have even done this using 2 primers!  I would wear it all day and periodically check it out in the mirror to see how it was holding up.  Most cosmetic counters in larger department stores will give out samples.  Of course, if you go to the drugstore this is not an option. 
I do use other products such as MAC brushes and eye shadow but I don’t know if I can definitely say that you cannot get some that are just as good at a cheaper price.  I chose to go with the MAC eye shadow because as you age your eyelids can get a little crepe like and I wanted to invest in something that would go on smooth, plus it got great reviews.  Also I don’t buy tons of different colors.  Since my eyes are blue, I invested in a neutral lid color and a deep brown/bronze for the crease.  I also have a highlighter for the brow.
Several years ago, I purchased a copy of Charla Krupp’s book, “How Not to Look Old.”  She gives a lot of great advice on what products to buy and how to apply them.  It’s a great book to use when trying to age gracefully yet still being fashionable.
I hope that some of my choices will provide some insight.  I look forward to seeing what others recommend, especially in the face primer and eye wrinkle areas.
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  1. Cajun Shrimp: it's what's on my toes at the moment! Love it!

  2. I've never tried MAC but I want to and I need to check that book out! : )


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