Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vintage China Cabinet

Today I'm sharing some thrifty finds that I've collected over the years that are stored in my vintage china cabinet.  The cabinet came from the local antique store.  I've had it for many years.  At one time it was used in my living room as a curio cabinet.  Below is a picture of it at Easter.

Let's start at the top.  The gold wood frame was a garbage find!  That's right!  We were going down the road and it was propped up beside a trash can.  I brought it home, cleaned it up and it has been above the china cabinet every since.

The silver plated candlesticks were a gift from my parents a couple of years ago.  They were purchased from ebay.  The champagne bucket, the little relish bowl and the candle snuffer were all garage sale finds.

My silver really needs a cleaning, so overlook that part!  The detail on the mirror is so pretty.  I don't understand why someone would throw it away! 

The candle snuffer has a bee with its hive on the end.  I think its made of brass.  I think I paid 25 cents for it.

The little relish bowl has a brass knob on top with a silver spoon.

This is my set of Noritake Richmond.  I watched ebay for months, or it seemed like it, for a good deal on a basic white or cream china with gold trim.  I purchased the entire set of 8 complete place settings (with a few odds and ends), 2 platters, round serving bowl, oval serving bowl, round serving bowl with lid, gravy boat, coffee pot and sugar and creamer for less than $50!  And that included shipping!  Needless to say, I was very, very pleased with this purchase.

A peek at one of the sides show some more Noritake and Mikasa "The Ritz" wine glasses.  I purchased those at a garage sale at a local storage unit.  I paid 25 cents a piece for them!!

The silver plated coffee serving set was given to my mom by her older sister approximately 45-48 years ago.  My aunt purchased the set with stamps.  My mom passed it along to me a couple of years ago.  Thanks, Mom!  Salad plates to the right are from the Salvation Army.  The gold rimmed glasses to the left were a gift from my son and nephew.  They found them while messing around in an old car at my dad's mechanic.  I think they were about 12 years old at the time.

Under the platter is a silverware chest.  It contains gold flatware that will serve 12.  You can see a teaspoon on the platter.  I picked up this set at a yard sale for $10.  The lady received it as a wedding gift and had never used it.

And there you have it!  My vintage cabinet full of thrifty finds, well at least 95 percent are.

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  1. Can't understand why someone would throw out that mirror either, but it looks fabulous above your china cabinet! Love the china cabinet, very pretty!!

  2. This is Very classic! And, I love a good bargain! I found you at the "Newbie" party. I am a newbie, too! I am now following you!

  3. What a beautiful collection! I love your mirror and your china.

  4. Hi Tammy: Your thrifty finds are quite wonderful. You got some really nice pieces for so little $$. Don't you just love it when that happens??..Happy Sunday..Judy

  5. I love the cabinet and your treasures but the mirror above it is awesome!

  6. Wonderful buys! You have a great eye and a knack for bargains!

  7. A very elegant display. Your mirror is stunning! I've picked so many mirrors over hte years... I don't know why people throw them away. Now following, Andrea

  8. You have a gift for thrift! Such great finds and they all work so well together. Visiting from the Newbie Party...

  9. oh lucky you...what a beautiful collection!

  10. Love all of these !!! Thank you for stopping by my "Pear" Up blog hop. Hope to see you soon!

  11. Love this hutch. The mirror is stunning too. Thanks for sharing and linking up to the newbie party.

  12. Oh my goodness, I have a hutch very similar to yours, it has been in my husbands family for years and just keeps getting passed down through the generations. I am visiting from Debie Doo's newbie party.

  13. Hi!

    I'm Shar! New follower from the pear up blog hop! Come visit me over at:

    Your home is BEAUTIFUL! (I checked out a few other posts too!)

    xoxo -Shar

  14. I have the same cabinet only a little larger I love it. I have the history on the peices


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