Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thrifty Finds

Since I live a little off the beaten path, I don't get to thrift stores very often.  Due to the high gas prices, when I do make a trip to town, I try to make the most of my trip.  Here are the deals I picked up recently.
I found these 2 pretty rose plates and a small clear platter for a $1 each.  I wish they had more of the plates, they are so pretty.
 The candlewick glass was from the Goodwill store.  There was only one but I have 8 more at home and at 59 cents, who can pass that up?  The pretty pink glasses are from the bargain/thrift store in my parent's hometown.  I usually visit my parents once a week.  They live in a nearby town that is small but they do have a new bargain/thrift store.  I try to stop in every week because inventory, especially the good stuff, tends to move fairly quickly through these types of establishments. The napkins in the second picture were also from this store.  They look brand new and were 25 cents each.  As an added bonus, they match some plates that I purchased there a while back.

Now for the best deals!  A neighbor down the road was cleaning out his barn and asked my son if he wanted some boxes of dishes that he was going to throw away.  Well, of course, he said YES!  He knows his mama well!  I was hoping for some old depression glass or something like that but it wasn't.  But, hey, I'll still take it! 

There was a pretty set of cream china with gold trim.  It was missing the cups, except one, but that's all right, I don't really use cups a lot anyway!  They are made by Fabreware.  I didn't even know Fabreware made dishes!

Then, there are the Corelle dishes.  I've never owned any Corelle before.  This is a set of four, white with green/white checkerboard effects. 

I'm started seeing visions of a tablescape for St. Patrick's Day!

There were also 4 wexford glasses, a small star of david bowl, 3 pretty pink wineglasses and a rose teapot.

Total amount spent:  $6.10  Can you believe it?  Love those bargains!!!

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  1. Beautiful pink plates Tammy! I would love to have those! What a great find!
    XO Cindy

    1. Thank you, Cindy! Hopefully, I'll find some other deals at the annual Trash to Treasure Sale this weekend!


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