Thursday, February 9, 2012

House Tour - Rosedown Plantation Part II

Welcome back to Rosedown Plantation!  Today we are touring the upstairs.  If you missed the first part, click here.  This first picture is on the stairs looking up onto the sitting area.  Notice the beautiful door leading to the front veranda.  Overlooking it all is the original whale oil chandelier which was hung at Rosedown in 1835.
There are two matching horsehair sofas and a checkerboard table/chairs.  They roped off a portion of the back part of the upstairs to tours.  I was able to get this picture of a little sitting area overlooking the backyard.
On each side of the sitting area is a bedroom.  The first one that we'll view is the master bedroom.  The half-tester rosewood bed is part of a suite purchased by the Turnbulls from Prudent Mallard, a prominent New Orleans cabinetmaker.

Now for the second bedroom....

And another bedroom, a little more simple.

Scattered about the child's bedroom are toys found in the house when the restoration begin.  The child size walnut desk, spiral turned rosewood chairs and walnut bed are also originals.

This completes the upstairs tour.  Let's step onto the front veranda for a looksy.

How pretty is this?!! I can just imagine sitting out here sipping a mint julep, more like an iced tea, listening to the birds and smelling the sweet fragrant air that is drifting up from the garden.

and what a garden it is!  but this is for another post.  There are just too many beautiful things to show.  Before I end this post, let's take a lot at some exterior shots of the main house.

This is the right wing that houses the office/library.  Notice the black trim under the porch ceiling and overhangs.  A tour guide said that this was painted by the family in memory of the death of their 7 year old son in 1843.  The family usually traveled during the summer months to escape possible fever outbreaks.  For some reason, the family chose not to travel that year and their son died on the 15th of August, 1853.  The following year, Daniel Turnbull built an office for the plantation doctor. 
View of the back from the right wing end.

This is the back view from the back of the left wing.  See the window all the way to the right of the picture?  This is the breakfast room that I showed in Part I.  The window lifts up and the area under the window opens on hinges.  I'm assuming this was for the slaves to serve food from the detached kitchen that is in this area.

That concludes the interior of the Great House.  Next week, we'll tour the outbuildings.  Among these are the kitchen, the doctor's office and Miss Nina's wing just to mention a few. 

So glad you came by! 

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