Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Inner Wheel's Annual Trash to Treasure Sale

The ultimate trash to treasure sale for our neck of the woods is scheduled to take place this weekend!  I am so excited, like a kid anticipating Christmas.  In past years, I have been able to find quite a few bargains. 

The year I started tablescaping I was able to purchase a set of dishes, several sets of flatware, napkins and lots of napkin rings.  One year, I purchased a set of aluminum candlelabras.
Last year, I found a beautiful silverplated chafing dish and several sets of rattan placemats. I remember the year my son found a cast iron tractor water sprinkler.  Can you imagine walking around this jam packed place lugging a cast iron tractor!  This is just a few of my finds.  This event is a family outing for us.  My husband even takes the morning off so he can go too. 

These are some of the pictures on their facebook page.  Love these chickens!  I hope their still there by the time I get in!  They said people start lining up at 4:30 in the morning.  Sounds like Black Friday, don't it?  Last year, I arrived around 7 and they had a long line but once the doors opened at 7:30 we got in fairly quickly.  The hardest part is carrying all your items around while you try to look for more!

Look at all the glassware!  There also lots of goodies on the floor under the tables. 

This is in the collectibles section.  I love the green glassware!  This is the only complaint I have about the sale.  The collectibles section is small and people are packed in there.  I'm always afraid I'll break something.
The silver is also in the collectibles section.  I purchased a covered chafing dish last year.

All the the items are donated to the Rotary Club all year long.  They hold the event in a large vacant department store.  It lasts for three days.  The funds that are raised are given to local charities.  So not only do we find great deals, we are helping the needy in the process!

Hopefully, I'll find some more great deals this year.  If so, I'll share them with you next week!  Happy Thrifiting!

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  1. Oh!!! That looks FABULOUS!!! I could spend the whole day there! Hope you get some great finds!
    XO Cindy

  2. I would so be in that line if I lived near you!


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