Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tablescape for the Home

What is a good title for this tablescape?  I just can't seem to come up with one!  My daughter and I have racked our brain but to no avail!  It's simple and casual with a little earthiness, is that a word?, mixed in.  It has different textures, ranging from the shine of the flatware to the natural moss rocks.  It has different colors, turquoise glasses, orange candles, paisley plates.  As I writing this, I'm still thinking with all these elements, what do I call it?  I still don't know! Yikes!  What to do?

For the centerpiece, I used a cast iron container with different textured balls and a touch of moss rocks.  There are two large candlesticks (BHG @ Walmart) and 2 small mason jar candles. 

My daughter made these and said to make sure I mention that on the post. She put water in the jar so the candle light will reflect on the water.  For a little extra measure, I added the round mirrors underneath.

The place setting consists of paisley patterned plates I picked up at the bargain center for a $1 each.  The napkins were also a thrifty find from the same place.  I could not capture the true color with my camera.  They actually have a hint of green in the blue. Wooden napkin rings, clear acrylic flatware, and rattan place mats are from the annual trash to treasure sale.  I love the flatware!  The iced tea glasses are from this year's collection at JCPenney.  I purchased them at the beginning of February and, boy, am I glad I did!  The store is already sold out!

And now I've come full circle, it still has no name.  Oh, well, I'll call it "Tablescape for the Home!"  After all, it is my home and it is a tablescape, right?

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  1. Lucky girl on those I will have to make a run to see if my store still has them!! they are so pretty. I love the tablescape, it has a very warm and inviting feel, just like a hug!

    1. Thank you, Donna. You're right, it is like a big inviting hug!

  2. I love this! I think you could call it "candle on the water" since that's really what it is. Not only do you have the votives on the water made by your daughter, but the gorgeous blue of the stemware next to the earthiness of the centerpiece kind of makes me thing the same thing. Really, this is so very lovely to me.

    1. Why didn't I think of that! Maybe I was just overthinking it. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment, Debbie!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Denise! They were one of my thrifty finds for a $1 a piece! Too bad they only had four.

  4. Please tell your daughter she did an absolutely outstanding job. Very smart of her to add water to it for both ambience and safety's sake! I think we have a future tablescaper in our midst! :-) This is really cool. I love all the natural elements. You got a great buy at JC Penney on those beautiful glasses! I like the ball in the stem as well as the brilliant color. Very nice collaboration from mother and daughter! Have a great weekend!!


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