Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gettysburg, PA and the Spangler Family

My husband is descended from the Spangler/Spengler's in Pennsylvania.  The Spangler Farm is where the 11th Corps set up a Field Hospital. It was here on July 3rd, 1863, after being wounded, Brig. General Lewis A. Armistead, C.S.A. was brought. This quote is from a letter home, of Private Justus Silliman of H. Company, 17th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry, dated 7 July 1863: (spelling and capitalization are original):  "The rebel Gen Armstead who was wounded and a prisoner was taken to this hospital and has since died. he was rather past middle aged. he is from Va. and one of the reb wounded says he was one of the best disciplinarians in their army."  Countless others that had been wounded during the Battle of Gettysburg were also taken here.  It still stands today and is part of the Gettysburg Military National Park.

Attic of Main House

Summer Kitchen

Interior of Kitchen
The Summer Kitchen on the Spangler Farm. This building was used by the 11th Corps, and it is here where General Armistead died on July 5th, 1863 about 9:00 AM.

The barn is a traditional Pennsylvania Bank Barn, with an earthened embankment leading up to the second floor.  It is sad to think of all the injured soldiers who were housed here.  What's worse, over 100 Confederate prisoners were guarded in the wagon shed seen here on this side of the barn.  It's really small to hold that many people.

I have to give credit to the following blog.  They had some of this information plus a whole lot more.

One day, I hope to travel there and visit all the historical places.

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