Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Destrehan Plantation - Bernoudy Family Connection

I have always enjoyed history.  I even tend to gravitate towards movies that have historical background.  I mean, I even like the current trend of the vampire shows because the vampires are usually 100's of years old and tend to have flashbacks.  A couple of years ago, I discovered GENEALOGY!  Oh yes, I like digging through files and records and get a thrill when I can make a crack in any brick walls that I am currently researching.  My husband's family, on his mother's side, is the one I like to really work on.  Her family mostly originated in New Orleans via France, Santo Domonigo, Ireland, etc. 
There is a tremendous amount of records in New Orleans, a lot of them via the internet.  Several of my husband's ancestors were plantation owners.  The most famous being the Destrehan Plantation.  My husbands gggggggrandfather, Pierre Robin de Logny, built the plantation. He died a couple of years later and it was purchased by his daughter and her husband, Jean Noel Destrehan. My husband's lineage is through Pierre's other daughter, Jeanne. She married Bernard Bernoudy, son of Francois Bernoudy. It took me a good while to figure this lineage out and am still working on it. The Destrehan family has been researched quite a bit but the Bernoudy has not.
Destrehan Plantation is open to the public and is located in Destrehan, LA, approximately 20 miles from New Orleans.

But really, can you imagine living in this home?  Yeah, I know, I know, in 1790 there was no electricity or running water but if you had to live in that era, wouldn't this be a nice place to live?

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  1. I so enjoyed reading this. So many of us love knowing the history of an old home and the family who lived there---gems to be discovered. It's beautiful. Keep digging.

  2. Thank you, Connie. I hope to find more info on other homes but it seems a lot where lost to the river or torn down to make way for oil wells.


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