Saturday, May 12, 2012

Courtyard Oasis

I just love courtyards.  New Orleans is especially known for them and they have been replicated in more modern construction.  This home is such an example.  As you approach the home, you are greeted by this iron gate.
After you enter the gate, the sidewalk turns left and enters this little oasis.  Isn't it beautiful!
Here's a closer look at the porch.  I love, love, love the church pew!
This is a look back from the porch toward the entrance area.  It's not a very big pool but it has built in seating around the edges.
The entire courtyard is enclosed with this beautiful brick.  Here you can see where a little tile can inserted in the brick work.
A closer look at the entrance area.  This is a beautiful wall covered with ivy.  I like how they accented that little area by controlling the ivy and mounting a cross.
The other side of the walk features a bed with different ferns with a statue as the centerpiece.  See how the fern is growing in the brickwork?  I wonder if that's nature taking it's course or if the owners had a hand in it.
Here's a side entrance with vintage style shutter doors.  What a great place to cool off in the hot summer heat!

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  1. Hi Tammy: A courtyard is always a beautiful thing. I had a neighbor once when you went into what you thought was going to be the front door, it opened up to a beautiful garden and the house had windows all around so you could see the garden from inside. Very beautiful and I've never forgotten it..Happy Mother's Day..Judy

  2. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures! I like that church pew too!!!

  3. Im new to your blog, but am quickly a fan! I love your posts on backyards, porches. I have been looking for a church pew for years...this is awesome!

    Lucky 7 Design


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