Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Traditions & Costumes


Halloween 001


It’s almost time for the little trick-or-treaters to be out and about!  It’s sad to think that my kids are too old to trick or treat anymore!  Since we have always lived in the country, we have never had trick-or-treaters at our house.  In order to join in on the fun, we had to travel over to my in-laws.  They always used to decorate their home for Halloween.  The picture above is of one of the family members scaring would-be trick-or-treaters!  The bench was on the sidewalk.  The man to the left is not real but the one to the right would yell “Boo” as they walked by!  There was a lot of screams!


Halloween 008


This was their house about 15 years ago.  You can barely see them and the grandkids, they blend in so well with the house.  They totally covered the front of their house with all things Halloween and with the lights off, it glowed in the dark.


Halloween 009


This is my precious babies in 1998!  Savannah was actually dressed in an outfit that came off of a Raggedy Ann doll and Hunter was the little Indian!  My mom had made this outfit a few years earlier for my nephew.


IHalloween 004


Here in 1999, Hunter was Bat Man and Savannah was a princess.  My mil made Savannah’s costume, didn’t she do a great job?


Halloween 006


The following year was Cat Woman!  This was an easy, simple costume!  She was already in dance so we had the leotard and stockings.  I just added a little makeup, ears and a tail.


Halloween 007


There’s a new sheriff in town!  Hunter already had all the accessories, I just made him a vest out of felt and added a few embellishments.


Halloween 003


Isn’t Minnie Mouse just adorable?  Spiderman seems to have lost his face mask!


halloween 002


There it is!  They are in full trick-or-treater mode!


Halloween 005


Now this is quite a trio!  A pirate, Darth Vader, and a pink cowgirl!  Have you ever seen Darth Vader wearing cowboy boots?


Halloween 010


Beware of the vampires!  It’s funny that I should be writing this as I am watching Vampire Diaries on tv! 

Oh, the memories of days gone by!  Now we’re just sitting at home on Halloween watching scary movies.  Oh well, one day, no time soon!, we will hopefully be blessed with grandkids to celebrate with!


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