Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vintage Pickle Jars


Vintage pickle jars make good beverage dispensers.  Whenever we have a get together and serve canned drinks or individual bottled water, there is a lot wasted.  So this time, I decided to use Hunter’s vintage pickle jar for a water dispenser at our recent barbeque.  He found it in the old family barn and based on the age of the jar, it was was probably his great great grandfather’s.  I used a ladle as the dipper and one of my PB inspired dispenser tags.


My mom said that the jar reminded her of the root beer barrel candy that was sold individually when she was a little girl.  I goggled it but found nothing to indicate that they were used for that but you never know.  I did find a great site that gave many details about glass markings.  You can visit it here. This jar is marked Duraglas with a bail wire and wooden handle. Based on the other markings of the jar and this site, this jar was made by the Owens Illinois Glass Company.  It was made using mold cavity #9 and made in plant #7, which is in Alton, Illinois, in 1955.  This makes the jar 57 years old!


Awhile back, I tried a new pickle jar but the opening was not big enough for the ladle but I happy to say this one was!

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  1. I love this idea! I've seen a few of these jars at shops but they're always so expensive. :(

  2. I must admit that when I saw your title, my mouth started to salivate. Pickles always have that effect on me. But then, I love how you used this vintage jar. I also love the ladle. Great idea.

  3. I love pickles :)

    What a great jar and the info you dug up is so interesting. And, that jar is older than I am ! lol

    Thanks for your comment on my desert tray/candelabra. Did you know that you are a noreply comment blogger?

  4. Yep, it does look like the jars that root beer barrels came in. Using it for your drinks is a great idea!!!

  5. Oh what a fabulous idea! My hub has golf balls stored in a jar just like that but I am off to dump them out and start using it for a drink dispenser!!!! So cute! Jane

  6. Thanks for saying what kind of jar this is! I just got one last week for $2.50 @ an estate sale and the woman told me it was a cookie jar. right now I have it filled with highlighters, pencils & erasers in our homeschool classroom.


  7. Hi, Tammy! I have never seen anything like this jar! Will keep my eyes peeled!
    Adorable idea to use as a drink container!
    Have a great week!

  8. What a great idea, it reminds me of a drink jar PB sold a while back. Now I'm off to find a vintage pickle jar!! :)

  9. Love your jar, haven't seen a big one like that.
    I have a shorter, squatier one with the markings and handle that I bought in Ky. I have a thing for glass and big jars. I use all my jars for storing dry goods in my cupboards and love it. would have some of them out for decoration but no place to put them. I have a few blue tinted/green tinted mason jars also, which I got most of in KY and a few in MT. I love collecting things from our history.

  10. Isn't it amazing how beautiful a pickle jar can be? I love it and how you are putting it to such good use.

    Nice visiting with you today.

  11. I love it and I remember the little root beer barrels! They were really good ! I'm a jar collector too.

  12. Great idea and they are so cute.

  13. What a lovely idea and looks just like the PB ones that are so expensive. How creative you are.

  14. Love your idea. My husband just brought this same one home last night. It has a Dazy butter churn on the top, but i knew they didn't belong together. Still 2 great finds in my book, now to find an origianl base for the churn.


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