Friday, November 1, 2013

The Little Couple’s Coastal Home

While visiting my mother a couple of weeks ago, we caught a marathon of the Little Couple.  They seem to be such nice people and their son is adorable.



Their home is absolutely fabulous!  There was a scene in the kitchen where the light reflected off the tile backsplash that caught my eye.  If I were to redo mine, this is what I would do!  It’s so beautiful!




This is a perfect little area to sit and read a book or magazine!


On scene, you don’t realize that the living ceiling soars.  All I can say is “Wow!”



To see more, visit TLC – Little Couple by clicking here.


  1. So cute, didn't even know there was such a show Tammy! The entire home is gorgeous!

  2. I enjoy their show a great deal and their home is so beautiful. Of all the reality shows this show is a winner.


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