Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Who You Gonna Call? GHOSTBUSTERS!


ghostbusters birthday party cake


A couple of week’s ago, we celebrated my nephew’s 7th birthday.  My sister took charge of planning his planning and baking his cake.  As you can see, we got very creative!  She used fondant icing to creative this masterpiece!


ghostbusters birthday party


The marshmallow man is a hand molded rice Krispy treat covered with fondant.


ghostbusters birthday cake


The slime is a sparkle icing that she purchased.  Want to know a little secret?  The bottom layer is actually a piece of Styrofoam wrapped in fondant!  We didn’t need a large cake to feed everyone so only the top layer is actual cake.


ghostbusters birthday party


The base is just a plastic bowl flipped upside down and glued to the cake board.


ghostbusters birthday party


The place settings were cut out of poster board.


ghostbusters birthday party


The centerpiece consists of an arrangement of decorated sugar cookies that she made.


ghostbuster's birthday party


All the guests were able to have one, along with a goodie bag!


ghostbusters birthday party


The ceiling and chandelier were draped with streamers.


ghostbuster's brithday party


The banner over the doorway says it all!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ETHAN!


ghostbusters birthday party


Who says my sister isn’t creative?  She does!  She and I are as different as night and day but I think she pulled off quite a creative little party here!  That Ethan was a lucky little boy!




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  1. How cool is that cake? I have never used fondant myself. My daughter in law has though. What a fun birthday party!

  2. Great cake and a very festive party!!


  3. What a beautiful cake! Very creative. Happy Birthday, Etah!...Christine

  4. Cute theme! Fabulous cake. Great party!

  5. Well, she gets my "creative' vote!!! This is just adorable. I am sure that Ethan loved the party and that this party was a big hit amongst his peers.. Belated happy birthday to him btw... xo marlis

  6. This is adorable! I love the idea of the faux bottom layer. Sometimes you just don't need all that cake, but the effect is wonderful.

    - The Tablescaper

  7. Oh my goodness, that is a cute cake...love the idea of wrapping a piece of styrofoam with fondant, now if I can only remember that for the next birthday cake I make! I agree your sister is talented, whether she thinks so or not...
    Have a great week, Tammy...

  8. Your sister doesn't believe she's creative??!?!?!?! Please make sure she sees the following:
    Dear Sister of Tammy...Not only are you quite obviously creative, you are GIFTED in that you could actually DO all the things your brain thought up!!!!! Let it be known from this day forward that you are to be known as Tammy's Sister the Gifted. I hereby knight you as such. :-)

    Happy Belated Birthday to Ethan!!!! This is a party he will never forget!

  9. Wow, your sister is one creative lady!! How clever - love the idea about the Styrofoam layer. I am sure that Ethan had a great birthday - what fun!

  10. So cute and different! Great idea to "fake" the big cake! love the ghosts in the chandy! I bet Ethan was one excited little boy!

  11. How adorable! Love the idea of the "extra cake" layer. Happy Birthday to Ethan! ~ Sarah

  12. What a fun and creative party theme. I love it, and the cake is unreal. Thanks for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  13. That is adorable! Happy Birthday to Ethan!

  14. This is absolutely adorable. What a memorable birthday your sister created! And since he's seven, he'll remember this always. COOL!


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