Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Sideboard




It’s Fall, Ya’ll!  Yes, I’m joining the party over at Thrifty Décor Chick.  Today Sarah is sharing easy Fall décor and my sideboard falls right into that category!




For the main centerpiece, I used a Fall wreath, placing it in the center of the sideboard.  I inserted my Pottery Barn inspired pedestal holder and set a pumpkin soup tureen on top.




I completed the look by inserting a few pieces of burlap ribbon.




Am I the only one that has problems with getting candles to stay straight?




I found this cute salt and pepper set earlier this year at JCP on clearance.




I love the Pilgrims!  I found them a few years ago at Hobby Lobby.  It’s a little change from just the traditional pumpkin décor.  I used a little burlap ribbon around each of the lamps.






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  1. Very pretty, Tammy! You are on a roll with your decor!!!

  2. Hi Tammy, I'm agreeing with are rolling..and I'm creeping along. Love the use of the candle snifter...I had not thought of using mine. I might be a copycat...:} Thanks...btw, I saw your note on FB and came right over. Helen

  3. Hey, Tammy! Are the candles really not staying straight or are they just photographing that way? I have looked at photos of mine and thought the candles were out of whack, but when I go back downstairs and look at them, they are perfectly straight. It's something about the camera angle or something...not sure. If yours are truly displaying drunken behavior by leaning all over (not that I would know anything about drunken behavior! ;-)), you might try Stick-Um or a similar product. I've had really good luck with that for wax candles. You might also consider beeswax strips to wrap around the base of the candle before you insert it. I have a whole different trick for metal Paradise candles, but I'm not sure it would work with wax I'll test it out before I send you on a wild goose chase on that one! If none of this works, just have a couple of cocktails and soon your candles will look perfectly straight to you! :-) Have a good weekend!

  4. Beautiful fall vignette. I love the pumkin.


  5. Your vignette is just beautiful, Tammy! Have you ever tried that candle fixative that comes in a little can? I got mine at Michaels in their candle section. It's super sticky. Crooked or not, yours look lovely in your arrangement.

  6. Your vignette is gorgeous!! I just found your blog through Kristen's page. I am now your newest follower! Come by and check me out sometime.

  7. I also have problems getting my candles to say straight. Your not the only one.



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