Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thrifty Fireplace Area





This is our little fireplace area.  It’s tucked in the corner of our backyard.  It doesn’t really get used too often because in Louisiana we usually don’t a have very long or cold winter.  Originally, we prepared this area for a hot tub.  Yes, we got in for free but we couldn’t get it going so we gave up on it and moved it out.  Instead up pulling up the leveled stepping stones, I decided to put the fireplace over here.  This fireplace is about 12 years old and was purchased at a yard sale for $5!  The people I bought it from used it in there family room more as decoration than anything else.  When I bought it we were building our home and didn’t have anywhere to store it.  So, it stayed outside and has been there every since.  Considering where it’s home has been, it is still in great shape!  We have painted it a few times with black barbeque paint but once a fire is lit the heat causes the paint to peel on the front.  The two chairs were also $5 for both from another yard sale.  The fireplace used to be here. 




You can’t see it too good but it is centered in the back of the pergola.  This was before we put the pool in.  And here’s a closer look. 




As you can see there is a some surface rust where the paint peels off once it gets super hot.  I think I gotten my $5 worth out of this.  It has been well used over the past 12 years.  We have used it for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows or just for a lovely outdoor fire in the cooler months. 



Now, my husband and I can’t agree on a built in fireplace by the pergola.  Oh, we both agree that we want one just not how to get it.  I want to use a fireplace insert mainly because we have 2 wood burning and 1 gas one in the barn.  He wants to build a brick one.  My way is cheaper, his is not.  My way is quicker, his is not.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get a built in one but if I don’t that’s alright too.

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  1. I love the area you've created around your fireplace. So cozy and inviting.
    Mary Alice

  2. you have a beautiful outdoor space. It looks like the perfect place to sit and relax.

  3. Love it!!! Great party space,and Im sure youll get to enjoy this at some point.

  4. I hope you figure it all out. In the meantime it looks so sweet. I would love to hang out there!

  5. Love your fireplace area!! It is so inviting and just right for a southern home!!

  6. What a great deal you got on that stove. Your little area looks so welcoming.

  7. This is a great place for relaxing...I would spend a lot of time here, as much as possible anyway!

  8. How fun to have a fireplace outside and for $5!!! Excellent!

  9. This is soooo pretty. I love it. Makes me dream of cool night of fall. I'm ready!


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