Monday, April 30, 2012

Outdoor Mantel Decor

You may remember this picture over the mantel from yesterday's post on tropical back porch paradise. It's actually a poster that I purchased LAST YEAR from Hobby Lobby. Yes, I've been planning this for a YEAR! My husband cut me a piece of plywood the same size as the poster. I decoupaged the poster to the plywood. While looking it, I was thinking this needs a frame. I thought of rope but then remembered the smaller pieces of bamboo I had in the urn on the back porch. I cut the bamboo into 4 pieces. The side pieces I cut a little longer for an overhang. TIP: When cutting bamboo or I guess any type of dowel rod, if you spin the wood/bamboo as you are cutting the wood will not splinter.
I flipped the picture over and started nailing a few small finishing nails into the back along the edge. I then positioned the bamboo on the front and finished driving the nails though, securing the bamboo to the picture. To finish up, I hot glued a 4 ply jute string to the edge to complete the look. The poster was made to look like it had a crackle finish which I love. By decoupaging it, I waterproofed it. So now it shouldn't mildew.
I was lucky enough to purchase this large lantern for $7 last year from Lowe's. It was regularly $40! I didn't NEED it, of course, but couldn't pass up such a good deal! This is were my inspirational came from in displaying this way "NAUTICAL ROMANCE - Place a pillar candle in a lantern, then gently surround with sand. Embellish with a few small seashells, and complete by tying a piece of rope onto the handle." Have you seen this yet? It's from the Summer 2012 issue of Phyllis Hoffman's Celebrate! I just picked it up from the store and it is filled with great ideas!
I also made the little strand of shells hanging below the shelf. I think I need to add some more, after seeing the picture it looks a little skimpy!
For a little touch of whimsy, I placed a pink flamingo, also from Lowe's, at the base of the palm tree.

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  1. Lovely! Cute outdoor area.
    Greetings from Australia♥

  2. Love the way you framed the poster and aged it - the whole porch looks great. In fact your home is just lovely - I've always wanted a wrap around verandah or large porch.

  3. Wow! I thought I was the only person with an outdoor mantle! It looks great. :) Mine is in rustic charm mode at the moment. Since you've been planning on this project for awhile, please link up to our UnFinished Object party

  4. I don't live anywhere near the water, so I've never done a nautical theme. I love it on your porch. The addition of the bamboo made a huge impact to make the poster really look like a picture! I love the lantern too. Everyone must hit the deals before me because those things are always so expensive. You got a great deal by keeping your eyes open. I wouldn't have thought to put a mantel on the porch, but I love the idea to make this feel more like a room.

    Sorry I am so late on making the rounds this week, but thank you for joining my party!


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