Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Products I Love ...in the Kitchen

While baking up some goodies for Easter, I thought of a few products that make the process a little easier.  One thing that I do NOT like is buttermilk, to drink that is!  However, I have quite a few recipes that call for the ingredient.  If I buy a whole carton of buttermilk, the unused amount would eventually go bad on me and have to be thrown away.  There have been times when I used a substitute of ??milk and vinegar. Then, I came across powdered buttermilk!  Yep, now I always have buttermilk on hand and it doesn't go bad.  I just put 4 tablespoons in a cup of warm water and mix it up in my Ninja, which brings me to another product.

My husband actually bought the Ninya for daiquiris and smoothies.  It works great!  I also use it as a mini chopper.  After we used this baby a few times. it was bye bye to my old blender!

But back to the baking, my last product I wanted to mention is a Wilton angled spreading spatula. It works so much better than a regular spreader for applying frosting to a cake.  Even a novice like me can have a smooth frosted cake. 

This is the three products that made my Easter preparations go a little bit smoother.  Now the one thing I need some recommendations on is a KNIFE.  I need a good medium range price knife for chopping vegetables.  There area so many on the market, from very cheap to super expensive.  I can't afford a super expensive one but am willing to pay a little more IF I know it's a good one.  Can anyone recommend one for me? 

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  1. Hi Tammy,
    Thanks for telling me about the powdered buttermilk. I didn't know it existed. As for knives, I have some Henkel knives that are good, but I have 2 inexpensive ones that I use all the time. One is a Miracle Blade III with a serrated edge, and the other is a small one with a serrated edge that I use for slicing tomatoes.(Sorry, I forgot who it is by, but my church sells them as a fundraiser.) The point is, I don't think you have to spend a lot of money on good knives.

    1. Hi Jane,
      Thanks for the info about the knives. I'm glad you could use one of my tips. Blessings, Tammy

  2. Powder buttermilk? I never heard of that before. Like you I enjoy baking with buttermilk, but because I don't bake very often it goes sour fast. Sorry, I can't help out much with knives, I'm still using the one I purchased about 10 years ago, I'm not familiar with anything new on the market.


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